Scarier than Friday the 13th

What do you think? Is Monday the 13th more frightening than Friday the 13th? I do, but them every day is on the scary side to me. Have you seen it out there? People. All. Over. Yup, people scare me. Not like a clown scares me, but pretty damn close. They want to get in your space. Hello- this is my dance space, stay to hell outta it. Unless you are Brock O’hurn, then yup, you can get closer. Cause you are funny and most likely smell amazing.

Tomorrow is the dreaded day, the day that all mushy couples like to give crappy sentiments written by corny card companies. (This is my humble opinion as a single woman, just saying, I’m not the voice of all the single people out there). Plus the flowers and chocolates. I don’t want a special day for that stuff. How about the day that you forgot to record the season finale of Bones, knowing you can’t wait until it’s on Demand, as everyone will spill the beans about it, blah, blah, blah.  So I think flowers and/or chocolates are needed that day. And no dinners out, give me a take out pizza and a six pack of beer. Now, this is all fantasy, because even as a married woman, i did not get that treatment. I’m not bitter, just stating a fact.

I’ll leave on that note. I want to give a list of amazing books I’ve read in January. I’ll do that in my next post.